Students attend 2014 Meeting of LA/MS Section of MAA

Six undergraduate students, and one graduate student, attended the 2014 Meeting of the LA/MS Section of the Mathematical Association of America, held this year at Louisiana State University. Featured speakers included MAA President-Elect Francis Su of Harvey Mudd College, who talked on Combinatorial Fixed-Point Theorems, and Jesus De Loera of the University of California at Davis, who talked on 100 years of Helly's Theorem: A crown jewel of combinatorial geometry The undergraduate students participated in the integration bee and team competition; Samuel Dent advanced to the third round of the integration bee (top quartile!), while one of USM's teams placed fifth out of 21, our best-ever showing. Students also shared their own research; Haley Dozier talked about A Non-Symmetric Zero Game of Ideal Nim, while Tulsi Upadhyay talked about Quadratic spline in maximum entropy method to approximate invariant density.

students pose with Dr. Jesus De Loera

USM will host next year's meeting again, at USM's Gulf Park campus.