Undergraduate Program


We offer two undergraduate degree programs in mathematics.

  • The mathematics program leads to a general degree in mathematics. It provides a broad overview of modern mathematics, as well as a solid foundation for graduate study.
  • The mathematics licensure program provides additional courses and field experience in lieu of a minor, leading to licensure to teach at the secondary level.

Both programs are described in the Undergraduate Handbook (Third edition, October 2015) which includes course descriptions and timelines:

  • Four-Year Course Scheduling is found on page 31.
  • Semester by Semester Guides for MathBS, MathLBS, and transfer students are found on pp. 15-18.

Enrichment opportunities

Students enrolled in the Honors College, as well as students who wish to graduate with Latin Honors, should familiarize themselves with the material in the Honors Handbook, paying special attention to the material on the comprehensive exam and the timeline.

Undergraduate research program

The department has an active research program for undergraduates, with some students co-authoring journal articles with their faculty advisers. An undergraduate research project can also be used to qualify for Latin Honors. Detailed information on the program lies in the Undergraduate Handbook given above.

Student activities

  • ΚΜΕ Math Honor Society
  • Department-sponsored competitions
  • Trips to area conferences

Image of students who attended 2011 MAA Section Meeting at Ole Miss