Cynthia Handley, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)

Assistant Professor


 2013                         4MAT intensive workshop; About Learning, Bernice McCarthy; Certified 4MAT Trainer.

 2013                         4MAT 690 training – a six week training that covers the use of 4MAT in the classroom;                   About Learning, Bernice McCarthy; 4MAT Basic Training.

 2010                         eCollege, on-line; e-College Certified Instructor e-College; EDU 101A eCertification:      Developing Online Courses.

1995 - 1998               Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Doctor of Philosophy in Vocational   Education.  Dissertation: Clinical Laboratory Science University Faculty Learning Styles and   Their Use of Information Technology in the Classroom.

1991 - 1993               University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Master of Science in Medical           Technology. Emphasis: education and hematology. Thesis: Prediction of Student Success in           the Medical Technology Program at the University of Southern Mississippi.

1980 - 1981               University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - College of Health Related Professions, Little   Rock, Arkansas; Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology.

1977 - 1980               Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas; Pre-Medical Technology curriculum,   102 semester hours.


August 2012 - Current            Assistant Professor/Graduate Coordinator:  The University of Southern Mississippi,       Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Responsibilities   include:  teaching undergraduate and        graduate students in the Medical Laboratory Science department including: MLS        201 Medical Terminology (multiple sections), MLS 406/526 Hematology I,        MLS 405/505 Parasitology, MLS 405L/505L Parasitology lab, MLS 612 Clinical        Laboratory Program Development, and MLS 615 Clinical Laboratory Management;        using Blackboard for MLS 201 and 406/526 as a supplement and for MLS 612 and        615 that are totally on-line; advising all graduate students, processing        graduate applications, being on graduate committees for written/oral comprehensive        exams (often chair committee) and helping students to complete graduation                applications; working with chair to keep the graduate handbook up to date; working        with colleague to update MLS graduate website; helping to upgrade technology in       the department and other duties as assigned.


August 2011             Visiting Assistant Professor:  The University of Southern Mississippi, May 2012                        Hattiesburg, Mississippi; Responsibilities include:  teaching undergraduate and graduate          students in the Medical Technology department including MTC 201 Medical Terminology,  MTC 301 Professional Communication,  MTC 405/505 Parasitology, MTC 615 Clinical  Laboratory Program Development, and MTC 615 Clinical Laboratory Management;  using  Blackboard for MTC 201 and 301 as a supplement and for MTC 612 and 615 that are totally  on-line; working with on-line graduate students and the overall graduate program; helping to  upgrade technology in the department and other duties as assigned.

 May 2010                 eCollege instructor:  EduKan (a consortium of community colleges

August 2011             in Kansas offering on-line education); Responsibilities included:  taking a predesigned course and personalizing the course (there was no Physiology lab component so I revised some of my FTF Physiology lab to fit the on-line environment), reviewing and editing on-line exams, grading student labs, monitoring student discussions, managing overall class.

August 2003            Biology Instructor: Seward County Community College, Liberal,

May 2011                 Kansas; Responsibilities included:  teaching students lecture and laboratory classes in Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition (no lab) and Microbiology; teaching a hybrid class in Nutrition using WebCT; advising both biology, pre-med and undecided majors; sponsor of the Pathways club (a science, math & engineering club to help with the matriculation process to a 4 year institution); assistant facilitator of the Bridges program (linking Kansas community college underrepresented minority science & engineering students with Kansas State University for research opportunities and completing their 4-year degree); MLT Advisory Committee member; advisor for undergraduate research with the Bridges program, past participation in the Assessment committee;  Past participation in the Academic Affairs Committee; service to the College and the community; and other administrative duties as assigned.

August 2001             Medical Laboratory Technician Instructor: Seward County

May 2003                Community College, Liberal, Kansas; Responsibilities included:  teaching students lecture and laboratory classes including hematology, immunohematology and serology,  introduction to the clinical laboratory, and phlebotomy; writing and teaching an on-line course (Intro); MLT student recruitment and advising; designer and instructor for one of the first totally online classes using WebCT;  participation in the assessment committee; assisted in preparation of the program self-study and reaccreditation by NAACLS; service to the College and the community; and other administrative duties as assigned.


Spring 2001             Adjunct professor: Northern Oklahoma College, Enid, OK; Responsibilities include: Teaching lecture and lab for General Microbiology.

Sept 2000                Medical Technologist: Integris Bass Baptist Hospital, Enid, OK;

June 2001               Responsibilities include: routine and special testing in hematology, chemistry, immunohematology, serology, coagulation, and urinalysis; maintenance on various analytical instruments; coordination of QC for glucometers; participation in committee to train respiratory therapists to draw and process arterial blood gases.

July 1998                 Assistant professor: University of Tennessee, Memphis,

June 2000               Memphis, TN; Responsibilities included:  teaching Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) baccalaureate students in hematology and urinalysis (also taught one semester of immunohematology); teaching CLS master’s students in education/training; student advising; participation in admissions committee for occupational therapy program; service to the university and the community; educational research; and other administrative duties as assigned.

July 1997                Reference technologist: United Blood Services, Baton Rouge, LA;

June 1998               Responsibilities included: Reference blood banking - routine and special testing for hospital clients; Safety officer for both Lafayette and Baton Rouge offices; and, assisting with continuing education programming.

January 1996          Medical Technologist: Baton Rouge General Hospital, Baton

July 1997                Rouge, LA;  Responsibilities included: routine and special laboratory testing in hematology.

June 1996              Graduate Administrative Assistant: Louisiana State University,

August 1997           School of Vocational Education, Baton Rouge, LA. Responsibilities included: maintenance of        departmental computer hardware, tutoring in computer software utilization, and miscellaneous        office assistance.

Sept.1995               Graduate assistant: Louisiana State University, School of

May 1996                Vocational Education, Baton Rouge, LA. Responsibilities included: library research including computer assisted searches; manuscript writing and editing; grading undergraduate exams; and software tutoring.

Sept.1990                HCOP Grant Project Director: University of Southern Mississippi,

June 1995               Hattiesburg, MS; Responsibilities included: updating recruitment information; updating, coordinating, and teaching six-week training sessions; recruiting, tutoring and counseling trainees; coordinating student advisement with senior faculty; and collecting, analyzing and documenting progress.

August 1989            Allied Health Coordinator: Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

August 1990            South Arkansas, El Dorado, AR, a division of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Coordinated continuing education for allied health professionals in a seven county area, involved in recruitment for allied health occupations through AHEC South Arkansas and the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Southern Arkansas University - El Dorado.

Sept.1988               Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic Program

Jan. 1990               Coordinator: Area Health Education Center - South Arkansas, El Dorado, AR; Researched, surveyed, and documented the need for an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT-P) program; laid the foundation for the EMT-P training program at Southern Arkansas University - El Dorado.

August 1986           Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program Director/Instructor:

August 1990           Southern Arkansas University - El Dorado, El Dorado, AR; Faculty responsibilities: Orientation to the Clinical Laboratory with student lab, Microbiology, Hematology/Coagulation with student lab, Phlebotomy, Instrumentation/Body Fluids/Serology, Clinical Chemistry, and Clinical Immunohematology with student lab. Member of the following campus committees - Student Activities 1986-87, Academic Standards 1987-89, Curriculum 1989-90, and Marketing Committee 1987-90. Administrative responsibilities: Coordinate students' clinical rotations, work with the school and the affiliates in maximizing student learning, collate student clinical grades, prepare students for the ASCP National Registry, oversee Clinical Coordinators, maintain a working relationship between the school, the affiliates and the Medical Director, and student recruitment/retention.


October 1985          Medical Technologist: Clinical Laboratory, Warner Brown Hospital,

July 1990                El Dorado, AR. Worked in all areas of the laboratory.

April 1983               Medical Technologist: Clinical Laboratory, St. Joseph's Hospital,

Sept.1985                Ft. Worth, TX. Worked in all areas of the laboratory.

Nov 1981                 Medical Technologist: Clinical Laboratory, St. Mary's Hospital,

Dec. 1982                Enid, OK. Worked in all areas of the laboratory.


Working toward Medical Laboratory Scientist certification by continuing education through the Board of Certification, August 2015 to present.

Medical Technologist as certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathologists, February 1982 to present.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist as certified by the National Certification Agency and the American Society for Medical Technology, January 1982 to January 1986.


Medical Laboratory Technologist - General # ML0000020073 Tennessee, August 1998 to August 2000.

Clinical Laboratory Scientist - Generalist #G03480, Louisiana, May 1996 to December 1998.


American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists 1982-2003, 2006 to 2009, 2011 to present.

American Society of Clinical Pathologists 1982 - 2003.


Committee on Education Programs and Initiatives (CEPI) member, a sub-committee of the national ASCLS Education Scientific Assembly:  September 2015-2018.

Scientific Assemblies Chair, ASCLS-Mississippi:  2014-2017.

Education Committee Chair, ASCLS-Mississippi:  2013-2017.

Social Committee Chair, ASCLS Region III triennial meeting: 2013.

Board of Directors member, ASCLS-MS: 2013–2016.


Omicron Sigma award, ASCLS Region III, 2014.

Achievement of an Exceptional Rating from students while teaching with EduKan, a consortium of eight community colleges in Kansas offering on-line education and associate degrees:  2010 - 2011

President, Professional Employees’ Association, Seward County Community College – Area Technical School:  2009 - 201

Seward County Community College Excellence in Academic Advising:  2008

Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers:  2005 & 2006

Strathmore’s Who’s Who:  2004.

Tennessee  Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists Omicron Sigma President’s Honor Roll for Outstanding Service: April 2000.

Mississippi State Society of Medical Technologists Keys to the Future Award: April 1993.

Arkansas Society of Medical Technologists Member of the Year: April1990.

Delegate to China as a Medical Technologist with the People to People Citizen Ambassador Program: May 1989.

Arkansas Society of Medical Technologists Recruiter of the Year: April 1989. 


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USM Department:

Undergraduate Admissions Committee August 2011 to present.                                                            

Graduate Admissions Committee August 2011 to present; Graduate Oral Examination Committees, fall 2013:  one; spring 2014: three;  summer 2014: five; fall 2014: three (one repeat, chair for two of the three) spring 2015 chair for three, summer 2015 chair for one;fall 2015: one, chair; spring 2016: one, chair; summer 2016:  three, chair; fall 2016: one, committee chair

Educator Coordinators’ Committee August 2011 to present


Online Learning Steering committee, August 2016 to present

Awards committee January 2014 to May 2016

University - McNair Scholars’ Program mentor, Sequetta Sewell, 2012.


ASCLS national Committee on Education Programs and Initiatives (CEPI):   August 2015 to present; three year term

ASCLS-MS Scientific Assemblies Committee Chair:  2015 to present.

ASCLS-MS Education Committee Chair:  2013 to present.

ASCLS – MS Board of Directors, July 2013 to June 2016

ASCLS Region III triennial meeting, Social Committee Chair, 2013.


Heritage United Methodist Church, ROCK kids, Mentor to to under-privileged minority children, Spring 2014 to present

Heritage United Methodist Church, Nursery worker, Spring 2014 to present

Heritage United Methodist Church, Usher, Spring 2014 to present

Pine Belt Women’s Christian Job Corp, Computer instructor, Spring 2012 to Spring 2014.