On-Campus MLS Graduate Program


Individuals who are seeking certification as a Medical Laboratory Scientist may complete the on-campus graduate program.  The program includes a 46-hour practicum that allows the individual to become eligible to sit for a certification exam, in addition to the 36 hours of course requirements.  Please see the following requirements:

  • Practicum includes two semesters on campus and 20 weeks at an affiliate hospital.
  • Eighteen (18) hours must be in courses numbered 600 or above (requirement can be completed taking online courses).
  • Upon completion of coursework, the student must pass oral and written comprehensive examinations.
  • Six (6) hours may be transferred from another university to fulfill degree requirements.

On-campus courses: 

MLS 501/L     Body Fluids

MLS 502/L     Clinical Bacteriology I

MLS 503/L     Clinical Mycology

MLS 504/L     Clinical Chemistry I

MLS 505/L     Clinical Parasite I

MLS 506/L     Fundamentals of Hematology

MLS 507/L     Clinical Immunodiagnostics I

MLS 508/L     Clinical Immunohematology

MLS 509/L     Clinical Chemistry II

MLS 510/L     Special Chemistry

MLS 511/L     Coagulation

MLS 512        Principles of Clinical Administration/Education

MLS 526/L     Hematology I