Testimonials of Veteran-Students, Family and Faculty

U.S. Army Veteran and current undergraduate student

“Southern Miss is committed to caring for our Nation’s Military Veterans, their Family Members, Survivors and current Active Duty Service Members. I believe in Southern Miss just as much as I believe in service to our Nation. In this regard, Southern Miss strives to provide Veteran-Students such as myself all the resources and educational opportunities needed to succeed in life. I am a Southern Miss Golden Eagle Army Veteran and proud to proclaim, Southern Miss To The Top!”

Son of an Army Officer who attended college courtesy of his father’s GI educational benefits

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to attend the college of choice courtesy my father’s GI educational benefits. The Veterans Support Office worked closely with me and my Family in all matters to ensure the best possible situation for me at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am both blessed and most fortunate to have this opportunity and I am grateful to my Father and the Veterans Affairs for making this possible.”

Southern Miss graduate and Special Advisor to the University President on Military Veteran Student Affairs

“The University of Southern Mississippi is a 'Military Friendly School' located near Keesler Air Force Base, Camp Shelby, Meridian Naval Air Station and the Navy Construction Battalion Base (Gulfport) with a proud heritage of caring for our Military Veterans and their wonderful Families. We are committed to embracing our Nation’s Credentials (Veterans, Service Members, Families and Survivors), and you can be certain that as one of our students you will learn and experience all the educational opportunities to be successful in your professional life.”