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Undergraduates scholarships are available to bass students. Apply prior to February 1.

Graduates students can apply for an assistantship (includes tuition and a stipend during the fall and spring semesters—see fees that you will still be responsible for paying at the beginning of each semester). Deadline is March 1st to be considered for an assistantship.


Please contact the Director of Jazz Studies, Mr. Larry Panella via email or at (601) 266-4047.


Audition Requirements


  • Scales/Arpeggios: Two octaves scales and arpeggios. (Major and Minor) (2 keys)
  • One Short Etude to show candidate's technical proficiency
  • Two Contrasting Movements of a sonata (Vivaldi, Marcello, etc.) concerto (Dittersdorf, Koussevitzky, Dragonetti, Bottesini, etc.)


  • Scales/Arpeggios: Three octaves scales and arpeggios. (Major and Minor.) (2 keys)
  • One Etude (Simandl, Nanny, Kreutzer, Mengoli,etc.
  • Two Contrasting movements of a Sonata or concerto
  • One Movement of a Bach Cello Suite 

Also, submit a curriculum vitae (listing your complete activities as a musician, including awards). Please indicate the degree you wish to apply for, your age, and if you will be entering the University directly or needing to study English first.


If you cannot audition in person, you may send a CD, a DVD or a Video, using as high a level of audio quality as possible.

Auditions by CD and DVD: 

if in the continental United States, should be mailed to:

Dr. Jay Dean

School of Music 

University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Dr # 5081

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Office: 601-266-4001

Fax: 601-266-4039

If outside the continental United States, FedEx materials to:
Dr. Jay Dean

The Leech House
103 S. 30th Ave

Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Office: 601-266-4001

Fax: 601-266-4039

Auditions by Internet:

If you are a double bassist and would like to audition by internet, please e-mail the YouTube link to: 

Dr. Machado and Dr. Dean


If you are applying to Jazz Studies, please contact the Director of Jazz Studies, Mr. Larry Panella, at (601) 266-4047.