About the Bassoon Studio

Bassoon Studio

Welcome to the Bassoon Studio at the University of Southern Mississippi!

Bassoon study at USM is designed to prepare the bassoon student for a professional career in music performance and/or teaching.  Proficient non-majors are also encouraged to participate and are accepted into the studio at the instructor’s and other faculty members’ discretion.

Weekly private lessons provide the opportunity for concentrated study in all aspects of bassoon performance, including tone development, technique, interpretation, style and expression, with special attention to the historical context of the material being studied.  A curriculum will be developed for each student based on his/her level and will consist of tone and technical exercises, etudes, solo bassoon repertoire, chamber music, orchestral excerpts, reed making, and other necessary materials.  Students are expected to devote significant time to practice and preparation for the private lesson, as well as to his/her own goal setting and progress measuring.

Held weekly, Studio Class will consist of performance classes, special discussions, ensemble playing, listening, and other performance and pedagogical activities.  Attendance is mandatory for all majors whose principal instrument is bassoon.

Also held weekly, Reed Class provides an opportunity for students to learn necessary reed making techniques, as well as to share ideas, tools, and equipment with other members of the studio.  The university owned equipment is available at all times to students enrolled in Reed Class.  Attendance and registration in this class is mandatory for all majors whose principal instrument is bassoon and strongly encouraged for all others.  

Please email Dr. Woolly or call (601) 266-4274 for more information.