Audition Information

All applicants are encouraged to visit The University of Southern Mississippi campus and audition in person. The string auditions are typically held on two dates: the last Friday in January and the last Friday in February. However, individual audition dates can also be scheduled to accommodate the needs of the prospective students. While visiting the campus, you are welcome to observe orchestra rehearsals and chamber music coachings, or sit in the cello recital class. If you wish, you can also schedule a complimentary lesson with Dr. Russakovsky.

In case you cannot audition in person, you may send a CD, a DVD or a video, using as high a level of audio quality as possible. Audition requirements include the following: 
          1.  A concerto or sonata movement
          2.  Two contrasting movements of unaccompanied Bach
          3.  An etude or a concert piece

Also, submit a full resumé (listing your complete activities as a musician, including awards). Please indicate the degree you wish to apply for and your age.

Mail your materials to:
Dr. Alexander Russakovsky
University of Southern Mississippi, School of Music
118 College Drive, # 5081
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001, USA

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Russakovsky.