About the Clarinet Studio

The Clarinet Studio at the University of Southern Mississippi is an active and strong 30-member group, each of whom are dedicated to becoming better musicians and music educators.   The studio is comprised of music education and performance majors, ranging from Bachelor to Doctoral degree programs.  Holding a tradition of excellence, there have been many Southern Miss Clarinet Studio alumni who continued their studies at conservatories and esteemed schools of music throughout the nation or obtained music education positions immediately following graduation.

During the course of study students learn the history of the clarinet, performance practice, and master the art of playing clarinet by achieving a solid foundation in technique, sound, intonation, and most importantly, expression, with the intention that each clarinetist will learn to become his or her own teacher in order to further him/herself as a musician.

Students are expected to be proactive in the learning process and positively contribute to the enthusiastic studio.