Danny Beard

Associate Professor of Theory

Danny Beard joined the faculty at The University of Southern Miss in the fall of 2005 as an Assistant Professor of Music.  He is responsible for coordinating and teaching the core music theory and aural skills curricula, in addition to upper level and graduate level music theory courses.  Prior to his appointment at Southern Miss, he was on faculty at Gordon College, Barnesville, GA, and at The Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. 

Dr. Beard has presented research papers at The Music Theory Forum at The Florida State University, Music Theory Southeast, The Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic, The Texas Music Theory Society, “Teaching Matters” (an interdisciplinary teaching conference) and co-authored a presentation at the American Orff Schulwerk Association National Conference with his colleague Dr. Jennifer Shank. Recently, Dr. Beard published a music fundamentals textbook, “The Language of Music.”  In his “former life” as a chemical engineer, he also gave presentations at the Georgia Pacific Corporation Environmental Conference and at the United State Environmental Protection Agency Region IV Hazardous Waste Minimization Conference (1994).

Away from Southern Miss, Dr. Beard is an active member at his church, enjoys woodturning and woodworking, vegetable gardening, outdoor activities and sports, and spends much of his free time in the summer and fall instructing marching bands.  He is married with two sons - the first born in 2006 and the second in 2011.