Suzuki Strings

The Suzuki Strings program at Southern Miss. started in 1996 as part of a doctoral project from violinist and educator Penny Kwiatkowski. Dr. Kwiatkowski is a native from Canada who holds a MA in Suzuki pedagogy, and a master and PhD in music education. Dr. Kwiatkowski was a devoted believer in the Suzuki philosophy and therefore decided that as part of her doctoral project and dissertation, she would start the Suzuki program in Hattiesburg MS with the help of Professor Stephen Redfield.

From its earlier beginnings, the program has been deeply engaged to motivate children to enjoy music, and also to reach out the community by offering concerts in nursing homes, churches and public as well as private schools. In addition, the program organizes visits to schools around Hattiesburg and nearby areas to offer children a wonderful musical experience. If you wish to have the Suzuki Strings Program of Southern Miss to visit your school and engage your students, please contact us.

About the Suzuki Method

At Southern Miss, children age 3 and older are taught to enjoy music through learning to play the violin, viola, or cello. The Suzuki Method is based on several truths about children and music:
• All children have talent
• Talent is not inborn, but developed in the environment
• Any child can learn to play an instrument

Benefits of the Suzuki Method

This program offers excellent instruction, aiding the development of both musical and social skills:
• Love and understanding of music
• Basic concepts of musicianship: singing, listening and sensitivity
• Self-discipline
• Boosted memory
• Enhanced ability to focus
• Sense of self-esteem

Parental Involvement
In our Suzuki program, students take two lessons a week: one private lesson and one lesson in a group comprised of musicians of similar age and ability.  Parents play an active role in the Suzuki method. By attending lessons and working with the teachers, parents are instructed on how to help their children practice at home. Learning takes place in an environment of co-operation between teacher, parent and child.  Children progress much faster with the parent as home teacher. Parents develop stronger bonds with the child, shared joy of accomplishment, and a sense of having made an irreplaceable contribution to the child’s development.

Enrollment and Fee
For Beginners:
12 half-hour individual lessons 
10 one-hour group lessons
1 Final Recital

For Advanced Students:
12 one-hour individual lessons
10 one-hour group lessons
1 Final Recital

We believe that families of all sizes should be able to enjoy the Suzuki Method without taking on a large financial burden.  For this reason, we offer a 15% discount for the 2nd and 3rd child in a family, and a 20% discount for the 4th and other children in the family!

Please make checks payable to:
Suzuki Strings USM

Private and Group Lessons will take place once a week at Marsh Fine Arts Building or Mannoni Performing Arts Center on the Southern Miss. campus.

Visitor’s parking passes can be obtained from the guard house at the main campus entrance on Hardy Street during business hours. After hours and on the weekends, all Faculty, Resident, Open and Commuter spaces are available to all visitors, regardless of appropriate parking decal.