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School of Music

Guest Artists

As a student of the Southern Miss Symphony Orchestra you get to perform with extraordinary guest artists such as Itzhak Perlman, Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, Placido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Francois Rabath, Nadia Salerno-Sonnenberg, John Browning, Debra Voigt, and Jean Pierre Rampal. See an official listing below.

Galit Kaunitz
November 2016
Strauss, Oboe Concerto 3
Galit Kaunitz

Ellen Elder
September 2016
Schumann, Piano Concerto in A Minor 29
Ellen Elder, piano

Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway
March 31, 2016
Mercadante, Flute Concerto in E minor, Op. 57
Overtton, Minuet and Finale from The Magic Flutes
Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway, flutes

Anthony McGill
February 25, 2016
Nielsen, Clarinet Concerto, Op. 57
Anthony McGill, clarinet

Jacqueline McIlwain
October 12, 2017
Carl Maria von Weber, Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in Eb Major, Op. 74
Jacqueline McIlwain, clarinet

Alexandre Brussilovsky
September 21, 2017
Johannes Brahms, Violin Concerto in D Major, Op.77
Alexandre Brussilovsky, violin

Timothy Tesh
March 30, 2017
Joseph Turrin, Trumpet Concerto
Timothy Tesh, trumpet

Natasha Trethewey and Alexandre Brussilovsky
November 6, 2014
Made in America
Native Guard – World Premiere
Natasha Trethewey, Author and Narrator
Joseph Britain, Composer
Korngold - Violin Concerto
Alexandre Brussilovsky, Violin

Antonin Dvorak and Amit Peled
October 2, 2014
From The New World
Antonin Dvorak, Cello Concerto
Amit Peled, Cello

Winston Choi and Apo Hso
March 27, 2014
Dueling Giants
Winston Choi, Piano
Apo Hso, Guest Conductor
Beethoven – Symphony No. 5
Prokofiev – Piano Concerto No. 2

Rachel Taratoot Ciraldo and Nicholas Ciraldo
February 13, 2014
Viennese Valentines
Rachel Taratoot Ciraldo, Flute
Nicholas Ciraldo, Guitar
Mozart-Concerto for flute and Harp

Jacqueline Adams
October 1, 2015
Naigus, Radiant Dances for Horn and Strings
Jacqueline Adams, horn

Deborah Voigt 
April 25, 2015
An Evening with Deborah Voigt 

The Prodigal 
February 12, 2015
Wilberg Prodigal – World Premiere
Nazaykinskaya, Trombone Concerto – World Premiere
Polina Nazaykinskaya, Guest Conductor
Ben Mcllwain, Trombone


Alexander Russakovsky, Hsiaopei Lee, and Ivan del Prado
November 1, 2012
Musica Classica
Alexander Russakovsky, Cello
Hsiaopei Lee, Viola
Ivan del Prado, Conductor 

Nadja Salerno
October 4, 2012
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg

Mack Wilberg
February 18, 2012
The Music of Mack Wilberg 

The Beach Boys 
October 11, 2013
Beau Rivage - Michael Miles, Conductor 

Ransom Wilson
October 3, 2013
Eternal Elegance
Ransom Wilson, Flute
Mozart – D Major Concerto
Ransom Wilson, Conductor
Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Mary Haskell and Guy Hovis
December 2, 2010
Winter Wonderland

Adonis Gonzalez
September 23, 2010
Performing the Prokofiev Third Piano Concerto

Renée Fleming
January 29, 2010
Voice of the Century
The Inaugural University Centennial Event

François Rabbath, Bass
September 29, 2011
Vive le France 

Ilmar Gavilan
Cultural Continuum - U.S. Premiere
Performing the Gavilan Violin Concerto
May 5, 2011

Tom Malone, Steve Wiest, Tom Brantley
Triple Play
March 26, 2011

Nadja Salermo-Sonnenberg
October 4, 2007
Performing Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1 in g-minor
Jay Dean, conductor

Singing sensation Patti LaBelle
May 5, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

Pop icon Dionne Warwick
May 5, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

R & B songstress Patti Austin
May 5, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

R & B songstress Vesta Williams
May 5, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

Gospel recording artist Ann Nesby
May 5, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

Country music legend Charley Pride
March 31, 2007
Jay Dean, conductor

Joshua Roman
Performing the Schumann Cello Concerto

Manuel Barrueco
October 9, 2008
Performing Vivaldi Concerto for Guitar in D Major, RV 93, Marquez 
Danzon No. 2, Sierra Folias

Sandi Patty
Dec 2, 2008
Holiday Choral Spectacular

Pointer Sisters
March 29, 2008

Flutists Sir James and Lady Jeanne Galway
October 10, 2006
Performing Overton's The Magic Flutes and Borne's Fantasie Brillante on Bizet's Carmen
Jay Dean, conductor

October 6, 2004
Performing Mozart's Concerto No. 2 in D Major and Cimarosa's Concerto for Two Flutes in G Major

Violinist Joshua Bell
April, 2006
Performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
Jay Dean, conductor

Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs
March 25, 2006
Jay Dean, conductor

Tenor Placido Domingo
April 2, 2005
Jay Dean and Eugene Kohn, conductors

Soprano Ana Maria Martinez
April 2, 2005
Jay Dean and Eugene Kohn, conductors

Soprano Shelia Smith
Tenor Douglas Biggs
Bass-Baritone Marc Embree
April 22 and 24, 2004
Performing Richard Wagner's Scenes from "The Ring"

Piano Duo Richard Steinbach and Howard Helvey
April 3, 2003
Performing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Concerto for Two
Pianos in E-flat major, K. 365 

Guitarist Christopher Parkening
October 2, 2003
Performing Stanley Myers "Cavatina" from The Deer Hunter,
Joaquin Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez, Elmer Bernstein's Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra for Two Christophers 

Pianist Kevin Kenner
March 6, 2003
Performing Sergei Rachmaninoff's
Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, op. 18 

Trombonist Jorgen van Rijen
November 6, 2003
Performing Johann Georg Albrechtsberger's Concerto for Alto
Trombone and Strings and Launy Grondahl's Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

Violinist Alexandre Brussilovsky
November 7, 2002
Essential Orchestral Treasures
Performing Concerto for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano in C major
Jay Dean, conductor

Bassist Edgar Meyer
September 26, 2002
The "Bassics" of Tradition
Performing Meyer's Concerto in D major for Double Bass and Orchestra and Bottesini's Concert No. 2 in B minor for Double Bass and

A Salute to Masters of Great Britain
November 8, 2001
Performing Vaughn Williams' The Lark Ascending
Jay Dean, conductor

Violinist Itzhak Perlman
March 29, 2001
A Season to Remember
Performing Beethoven's Violin Concerto
Jay Dean, conductor

Trumpeter Doc Severinsen
October 9, 2001
Night of a Thousand Trumpets
Jay Dean, conductor

March 23, 2000
Performing Frederic Chopin's
Piano Concerto No. 2
Jay Dean, conductor

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma
September 28, 1999
Music through the Eyes of Yo-Yo Ma
Jay Dean, conductor

November 12, 1998
Russian Fantasies

Entertainer Ray Charles
October 13, 1998
The Wizardry of Ray Charles
Jay Dean, conductor

Soprano Denyce Graves
July 25, 1998
Carmen (concert version)

Flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal
April 19, 1998
An Award-Winning Season
Performing Bach's Flute Concerto in C major
Jay Dean, conductor

Pianist John Browning
November 6, 1997
An Award Winning Season
Performing Tchaikovsky's Piano Concert No. 1
Jay Dean, conductor

And Now for Something Completely Different...
October 3, 1996
Jay Dean, conductor

Masterful Music
February 13, 1996
Performing Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
Jay Dean, conductor

Vocalist William Warfield
April 25, 1996
Mississippi Music: In Praise of America
Performing Witness to Matters
Jay Dean, conductor

On Harmonica - Robert Bonfiglio
November 9, 1995
A Season to Remember
Performing Benjamin's Concerto for Harmonica
Jay Dean, conductor

Violist Atar Arad
November 11, 1993
Come Hear What You've Been Missing
Performing Berlioz's Harold in Italy
Jay Dean, conductor

A Season of Discoveries
February 2, 1993
Performing Brahm's Violin Concerto
Jay Dean, conductor

Soprano Rochelle Ellis
Mezzo-soprano Virginia Dupuy
Tenor Jeffrey Springer

Baritone Philip Kraus
April 15, 1993
Giuseppi Verdi's Requiem

Paris Opera Boys Choir
July 25, 1998
Performing the opera Carmen (concert version) with Denyce Graves
The Conductors 


Eugene Kohn
April 2, 2005
Mississippi Coast Coliseum
Conducting a program featuring Placido Domingo, tenor and
Ana Maria Martinez, soprano

Cornelius Ebenhardt
February 7, 1991
An Award Winning Season

Christian Gouinguene
October 13, 1994
An Award Winning Season

Louis Lane
November 11, 1999
Perception de la Francais
Conducting Berlioz's Overture to Roman Carnival
And Poulenc's Concerto for Two Pianos

Joe Barry Mullins
April 7, 1989
A Gala Evening
Conducting Mozart's Overture to The Magic Flute

Javier Garcia Vigil
October 5, 1995
A Season to Remember

Leonard Slatkin
Clinic Rehearsal 1998

Gunther Schuller
Clinic Rehearsal 1989





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