Performance Opportunities

Trombone Choir 2014
The Southern Miss Trombone Choir
Since the days of William Cramer and Emory Remington, the trombone choir has emerged, not only as a pedagogical tool, but also as a viable performing ensemble.  With groups such as the New Trombone Collective, the trombone choir has received attention of new composers and many aspiring college trombonists.  Joseph Alessi maintains that one of the best ways to improve one’s own sound and intonation is to play with like instruments, such as in our case trombone duets, quartets, octets, etc. Numbering between 16 and 25 members, the Southern Miss Trombone Choir includes undergraduate and graduate student trombonists performing on alto, tenor and bass trombones.  Typical performances include campus concerts, the All-South Honor Band Festival, and other regional appearances at local churches and schools.  In addition to performing a wide variety of standard literature, the Choir remains committed to seeking out new works for trombone choir by upcoming composers and student composers.  The Choir has performed at both the Eastern Trombone Workshop and the International Trombone Festival in recent years.

Hub Bones

Winner of the National Jazz Trombone Ensemble Competition at the Eastern Trombone Workshop in 2002, Hub Bones follows in the tradition of groups like the Capitol Bones, a professional jazz trombone ensemble based in Washington D.C.  Hub Bones utilizes 5 to 10 student trombonists accompanied by a rhythm section and performs a wide variety of jazz literature.