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New Gateway is Welcoming Sight

Wed, 09/22/2010 - 03:36pm | By: Van Arnold

 I seldom vary my route to work each morning, traveling east on Hardy Street which takes me to the main entrance onto the Southern Miss campus.

 And even though it has been several months since the unveiling of the gateway entrance, the scintillating newness of that magnificent structure has yet to wear off on me. Wow, why did we wait so long for such a compelling entryway?

 And what an ideal spot now for members of the Southern Miss family and the community at large to pose for still photographs or video. The architectural design is contemporary, yet not overbearing or ostentatious.  I think it works as the perfect complement to the renowned rose garden that sits nearby.

 In its storied 100-year history, this hallowed university has withstood numerous challenges and persevered beyond the founding fathers' expectations. Today, Southern Miss has matured into a vibrant, respected beacon of education.

 And there can be no denying that we have one of the spiffiest entrances to any collegiate campus in the country.

At Southern Miss, we truly believe in one direction -- To the Top!