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Plenty of Green on Our Black and Gold Campus

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 09:52am | By: Van Arnold

A friend of mine from the Baton Rouge area recently visited our campus and was immediately struck by the beautiful live oak trees that adorn the Southern Miss landscape. She insisted upon having her photo taken beneath the massive canopy provided by the oaks between Southern and Kennard-Washington Halls.

The more time I spend walking across this ever-expanding campus, the more impressed I am by the abundance of greenery. Too often we overlook the natural beauty that stands out immediately to first-time visitors.

Granted, progress involves major construction, which dictates permanent alteration to nature's palette. But there are exceptions to this conventional rule. When the venerable Commons cafeteria building came down last year, a newer version could have easily taken its place. Instead, we have been blessed with a luscious green space in the heart of campus that beckons to all who gaze upon its alluring qualities.

Lest we forget, the Southern Miss alma mater makes reference to “verdant trees.” Thankfully, they stand in stately abundance on this campus and serve as important reminders of a history we treasure and a future we must protect.