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USM Announces New Student-Veteran Fitness Program

Mon, 10/15/2018 - 09:38am | By: Van Arnold

Earlier this month The University of Southern Mississippi's Center for Military Veterans, Service Members and Families initiated a new physical conditioning opportunity entitled, “The USM Student-Veteran Fitness Program.” 

The program, planned in coordination with the staff of the USM Payne Center, provides student-veterans and their family members the opportunity to participate in an organized self-development physical conditioning program.   

The fitness program was launched on Oct. 1, providing participants an early-morning opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle through a well-designed fitness/nutrition program. 

“USM student-veterans were all actively engaged in a robust physical fitness program during their years in the military,” said Veterans Center Director Jeff Hammond. “In consultation with these veterans we discovered an interest in renewing such an activity which thus led to the development of the USM Student-Veteran Fitness Program.”   

The program consists of organized fitness under the shared supervision of Payne Center personal trainers and USM Veterans Center staff on Monday, and Wednesday with Friday reserved as an individual “Fun-Day Friday Workout” period. 

Hammond notes that as the program evolves there will be elements of nutrition and healthy lifestyle planning instituted along with a gradual development to a more competitive workout plan for participants. Ultimately, workout plans will diversify into different elements of physical training involving cardiovascular, weights, stretching, and core development in order to meet the needs, and interests of participating students.   

The program currently has 15 student-veterans who have expressed interests with anticipation more will elect to participate as the experience gains momentum. 

The USM Student Veterans of America and Veteran Center Staff along with Payne Center representatives will provide overall supervision and direct engagement in full support of the program.

To learn more about supporting Student-Veterans and Military Family Members please contact the USM Veterans Center at 601-264-4629 or email jeff.hammondFREEMississippi.