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Investigation of the Paranormal focus of Oct. 29 Science Café on the Coast

Wed, 10/23/2019 - 01:45pm | By: Dawn Smith

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Library marks Halloween week with a hair-raising Science Café on the Coast. “Science: the Hidden Paranormal Tool” will take place on Tuesday, October 29 at 4 p.m. in Gulf Coast Library room 204 on the Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach.

At this event, members of Mississippi Gulf Coast Paranormal (MGCParanormal) will present information about the history of paranormal investigation and discuss investigative tools, then and now. They will also discuss the weather science of paranormal investigation such as how moon phase, humidity, and barometric pressure affect investigations. MGCParanormal believe they are the first team to discover and utilize new science in the field such as how space weather has an effect on paranormal activity and investigation.

Following the presentation, those in attendance will be able to experiment with MGCParanormal’s equipment in a “ghost hunt” on the Gulf Park Campus. 

Formed in late 2014 with over three decades combined experience, MGCParanormal, has investigated all aspects of the paranormal. Their ghost hunting sites include Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY, McNutt House in Vicksburg, MS, Mary C. O’Keefe in Ocean Springs, MS, and Beauvior in Biloxi, MS, where they were the first paranormal team allowed.

Science Café offers those with minimal background in science the opportunity to meet and discuss issues in a relaxed social setting and is a collaboration between The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Libraries, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Harrison County Library System, Long Beach Public Library, and Hancock County Library System.

Science Café is free and open to the public. Follow Science Café on the Coast on Facebook for upcoming events and livestreaming by visiting

For more information, contact Jamie Stanfield at 228.214.3467 or Jamie.StanfieldFREEMississippi.