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Six New Lessac Practitioners Added Through Unique USM Program

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 08:48am | By: Mike Lopinto

USM's newest cohort of Lessac practitioners.

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) recently announced that Jonathan Andrew, Joshua Rapp, Mel Angelo, Lauren Gunn, Emma Harr, and Jonathan Swindle as new Lessac Practitioners through the USM Graduate Voice and Speech curriculum.

Lessac Kinesensic training is a unique program that offers a holistic, comprehensive, and creative approach to all aspects of developing the body and voice, for speech and singing as creative instruments of communication.

At the end of this yearlong study, students are then given the opportunity to reach Lessac Practitioner status, a prestigious level of achievement for voice and speech specialists.

“Lessac has given me the liberty to explore my voice, find confidence within my own instrument, and integrate the body, mind, and voice into my craft,” said Gunn.

“I had the opportunity to lead master classes and help administer the exams for the USM graduate candidates. Now these students are about to embark on their careers,” said Barry Kur, Master Lessac Teacher and Professor Emeritus of Penn State University. “Whether teaching or performing, these students will apply the skills of dynamic communication, voice and movement craft of their art.”

In voice and speech classes at USM, students gain ways to further incorporate deep breathing, body alignment and flexibility, vocal and physical endurance, vocal resonance and power, and articulation. Kinesensic training encourages students to use simple but natural behaviors of the body, such as yawning or humming, as organic instructions toward improved physical and vocal expression and health.

For more information, go to https// or contact Professor Robin Aronson at (601) 266-6442.