Concurrent Academic Progression In Nursing Pathway (CAPINP)

The Concurrent Academic Progression in Nursing Pathway (CAPINP) option provides students enrolled in Associate Degree Nursing programs in the state of Mississippi with an option for early enrollment in the current Southern Miss BSN completion program. This innovative pathway will allow students who meet admission requirements to enroll in the nonclinical courses required in BSN Completion Program while simultaneously enrolled in a community college Associate Degree Nursing program. Normally, the student graduating from the Associate Degree Nursing program must wait to pass the licensing exam in order to begin the RN-BSN program courses. Through enrollment in the CAPINP, the student will be able to graduate from the Associate Degree Nursing program, obtain RN licensure, and then, depending upon the number of courses taken prior to graduation with the associate degree in nursing, may have only one semester of coursework remaining to earn the BSN degree.


Prospective Student Information:

The College of Nursing is temporarily suspending any future applications for admission into the CAPINP Program.

Courses required for graduation will be offered for currently enrolled students including new students enrolled for the Fall 2015 semester.

For more information call Student Services at 601.266.5454



 Current Student Information: