Nutrition and Food Systems Management

Nutrition and Food Systems Management is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in food, nutrition, and getting the food to the customers in a variety of settings.  Students enrolled in this emphasis will have a background in nutrition, but the will also have a broad knowledge base in food, food delivery systems, and management and business skills needed in a variety of settings.

The Nutrition and Food Systems Management emphasis area allows students to gain additional management and business experience to complement their knowledge of nutrition.  


Completion of the Nutrition and Food Systems Management emphasis area will qualify these students to sit for the nationally-recognized credentialing exam to become a Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional (CDM, CFPP).  The content of the courses and the ability to sit for the CDM, CFPP exam will position the graduates for employment in a variety of areas related to healthcare.

Various factors in the current social and economic environment are expected to push an increase in jobs in institutional foodservice management.  Graduates produced from this emphasis would be well suited for gainful employment after graduation.  Food and nutrition management has emerged as the fastest-growing nonclinical practice area. This area is projected to expand by approximately 35% by 2020.

Plan of Study in Food Service Management

Career Opportunities

  • Food service administrator
  • Restaurant owner or manager
  • Caterer
  • Food labeling or menu analysis
  • Dietary supervisor
  • Health food store management
  • Health inspector
  • Food/foodservice sales representative
  • Quality control manager
  • Food buyer
  • Food distributor
  • Food and drug inspector
  • Food technologist
  • Marketing/sales manager for food and equipment vendors