Patricia Callahan (Current Dietetic Intern; MS Anticipated Graduation 2018)


"All of the professors have been so helpful and really made the classes go as smoothly as possible. They are more than willing to help students and want to get to know us on a personal level even though everything is done online. While it has been a big adjustment getting used to the workload of graduate school, it has helped me manage my time better in the Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship. I know that getting my master's at the same time as completing my internship will benefit me once I graduate. Not only will it make me more marketable for future jobs, it will also give me more knowledge about the field. I will know how to research questions I don't know the answer to and subjects that are new to field. I really feel that this master's program has already prepared me for my career and will continue to help me succeed as I move forward in dietetics."