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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

Gunter Library


The Gunter Library provides technical information for the research staff, resident faculty and students, and visitors. Included are files of abstracts and reprints, books and journals, expedition reports, dissertations, and reference works. Special book collections support the academic program of the Laboratory. The Gunter Library is a unique resource designed to support research, education, and service in the marine sciences.

The library is located in the Richard L. Caylor Building on the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory's Halstead site.

The library was begun on September 1, 1955 by Dr. Gordon Gunter, director of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory from 1955 to 1971. It was named in his honor by the Board of Trustees of the Institutions of Higher Learning on December 21, 1972.

Using the Reprint Collection

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Gunter Library Collection Database

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This database is hosted by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission


Introduction to Reprints

When scientists publish the results of their research, the final product is most often an article in a referred/peer reviewed scientific journal. The publisher furnishes the authors with copies of the article for a fee. These copies are called “reprints” Authors may send reprints to colleagues, give them to students, attach them to grant applications, include them in tenure reviews, etc.  Part of the network of scholarly research is built on the tradition of exchanging reprints. Because no one researcher can subscribe to all published journals or read every article published in all areas of interest, reprints play an important and necessary role in scientific communication and keeping abreast of current activities and work.  Scientists can build enormous personal reprint collections representing highly individual and specific interests.  

Gunter Library Reprint Collection

The Gunter Library Reprint Collection includes more than 27,000 items. The collection reflects the areas of scientific research at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.  Contained within this collection are reprints collected by Dr. Gordon Gunter, publications donated by Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, and gifts from friends of the laboratory.  The collection is composed of historical and current reprints and grey literature. The collection is specific by design and is not meant to be comprehensive in all areas. Materials in the collection supplement and enhance, but do not duplicate the Library’s journal and book collections.

Accessing the Reprint Collection

Access to the Gunter Library Reprint Collection is through a web-based bibliographic database hosted by Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. Searches can be done by author, title, and keyword. Species can be searched by family, genus and species, and common name. Searches longer than one word must be enclosed by quote marks, for example “Gulf of Mexico.”  Each piece is given an access number which directs you to its placement in the collection.  This collection is located on shelves running east-west along the south side of the main library room. If you need assistance with your searches, please ask any library staff member.

Using the Collection

Reprints may be read in the library or photocopied for your personal use. They do not circulate. Please do not reshelve reprints. Please leave them on the cabinet to the right of the photocopy machine.

Joyce M. Shaw, MA, MLIS
Head Librarian & Associate Professor