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Printing Etiquette

The DMS printers are a community resource. With a few simple measures, we can keep printing costs down and maintain ready access to all devices.

  1. Double-sided printing: All general use printers have duplexers and it is expected that all multi-page print jobs utilize double-sided printing, which is both economically and environmentally friendly, unless there is a specific need that precludes use of this setting.

  2. Follow-up your print jobs: It is important that when you submit a job to a printer that you retrieve your output. If your job does not appear in the output, you should:

    1. Check the print queue to determine its status. Do not assume that re-submitting your job is the solution; this is more likely to exacerbate the problem.

    2. Ascertain whether there is a job preceding yours and check whether it is processing correctly. For Window’s users, the printers and faxes dialogue box will show the print queue. If a job preceding yours is not processing correctly, contact the job’s owner and get them to clear up the issue.

    3. If this does not resolve your problem, either%20iTech should be consulted.

    4. Never leave jobs hanging in the print queues, particularly going into the weekend. A jammed print queue is a major inconvenience for those working at off hours when technical support is unavailable.

  3. Printer Servicing

    1. Please refill paper trays as needed.

    2. Do not refill toner cartridges in any of the printers. For these maintenance tasks, please contact iTech.