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Computer Resources

Student Computers

On University-owned student computers, a standard software suite is provided. For those with specialized needs, applications such as IDL/ENVI, HYPACK or SEADAS may be obtained with supervisor approval.

 USM now has a site-wide MATLAB license. Find out more.

Academically Priced Software Titles

In addition to the software that is pre-installed on DMS machines, many additional software titles can be acquired. A webpage has been set up by iTech that provides details and links to university-licensed titles (i.e., free) and academically priced titles available to students and faculty/staff. This information is available at:


DMS File Server

Marine Science also provides a file server for group projects.  When you are a Microsoft Windows member on the Active Directory, this server will automatically be mapped to your computer via the Z:\ drive.

If you do not see this mapping, you can manually map it by going to Computer, Map Network Drive and using the following path under folder:    \\usm.golden.eagles\pub\col\cost\dms

Those mapping from linux or older versions of Mac OSX will need to map to the full path: //sscfilesvr01.usm.golden.eagles/pub/col/cost/dms

Those mapping from Mac OS X “Mountain Lion or Mavericks (OSX 10.8 or 10.9)” will need to use the DFS link:

Login credentials will be your SOAR User ID and password


DMS General Use Linux Server (Nautilus)

Nautilus is a Linux server that is available to any member of the department upon request. It has been developed as a resource for processing, visualizing and analyzing larger data sets and sharing of software tool development among project groups. A number of software tools are installed. Users can access Nautilus through a terminal from their personal machines using SSH protocols. X2Go can be used when access through a GUI environment is preferred. Account requests should be made to Jamie%20Davis.