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The Division of Marine Science has benefitted from the generosity of those who care for our educational undertakings, research contributions, and public service. They are friends of this division, and include - alumni, corporate partners, local businesses and organizations, or anyone who recognizes the impact and importance of marine science education and research for the good of society. The following, taken from the USM Foundation website, are some reasons donors have given in the past:

  1. To accomplish personal goals
  2. To make a good investment
  3. To share their own experiences of success with a USM student
  4. To honor or memorialize a loved one
  5. To see an individual program grow and succeed
  6. For tax advantages
  7. To show support for higher education


Whatever reason you may want to give to the division, your gift is sincerely appreciated and will help to realize the dreams and ambitions of our students, faculty, and programs for years to come. For more information about giving to the Division of Marine Science, call (228) 688-3177 or e-mail marine.scienceFREEMississippi.