Handicap Parking

Students with handicap parking placards or tags may park in any campus handicap parking space or legal parking space, excluding fire lanes, no parking zones, reserved parking areas, service zones, and in front of handicap curb cuts. Metered parking spaces are available at various locations on campus, but all students who use these spaces must insert the proper amount of money in the meter or they may receive a ticket. 

When students use campus handicap parking spaces without a visible USM handicap parking decal or a state handicap placard or tag, they are at risk for receiving a parking ticket and having their cars towed.

For more information, visit the Parking Management website.

Handicap Parking Decals

All university students and employees parking on campus, including those who use handicap placards or tags, must obtain a USM parking decal by registering with the Department of Parking Management. As of Fall 2016, all parking decal registration is online via this Online Registration Form. In addition to registering online, to receive a handicapped parking permit each individual must submit a copy of their state-issued handicapped placard or license plate registration to one of the following locations:

  • Hattiesburg Campus
    The Department of Parking Management in McLemore Hall, first-floor lobby
  • Gulf Park Campus
    Business Services, Hardy Hall, second floor, room 231.

Visitor Handicap Parking

Visitors are required to stop at the following locations for a handicapped visitor parking pass and present their handicap placard or license plate registration, in addition to a valid driver's license:

  • Hattiesburg Campus
    Information Booth, located at the front entrance of campus on East Memorial Drive or the Department of Parking Management, McLemore Hall, first-floor lobby
  • Gulf Park Campus
    University Police Department, 730 East Beach Boulevard 
Please note that visitor passes cover the following parking zones: Commuter, Resident, Faculty/Staff, Open Zones and Handicap (if they have a properly displayed state-issued handicap placard or license plate). Passes do not allow parking in mandatory tow areas: Reserved Areas (Trent Lott Center, Thad Cochran Center, the first level of the Parking Garage, Scianna Hall, Polymer and Lucas Lots), service areas, no parking areas, sidewalks/grounds, fire lanes/hydrants and handicap curb cuts).