Online Courses and Distant Teaching Sites

Students enrolled in online courses or classes located at distant teaching sites should follow the regular procedures to register and request accommodations. However, since many of the students enrolled in these courses are located at a distance from the Hattiesburg campus, students can easily communicate with ODA by scheduling phone conferences. Further, with advance notice, ODA can meet students at the various Southern Miss teaching sites. As needed, ODA will mail information, accommodation letters or other related accommodation materials to students. When students are distant from instructors, if a student requests, ODA can also deliver the accommodation letters to the instructors. Similar to taking traditional courses, it is the students' responsibility to immediately report to ODA any accommodation problems or logistical challenges encountered in the accommodation process. Upon being informed about students' concerns or accommodation problems, ODA quickly works to address the issues.

For students who receive accommodations in online classes, the following are steps that students should take each semester:

    1. Communicate with instructor or academic department to determine best way to deliver accommodation letters if this has not been done.
    2. Confirm with instructor that he/she received the accommodation letter and how the accommodations will be implemented.
    3. Request ODA’s assistance if have difficulty delivering the letter to an instructor.
    4. When preparing for each quiz or exam, remind instructor about the exam accommodation plans.
    5. When taking exams with online proctor, keep a copy of your accommodation letter with you in case there is a question.
    6. Inform ODA as soon as possible if any accommodation problems arise.
    7. For more information or questions about online proctoring, contact Linda Bass at 601.266.6261 or email, For more information visit the Learning Enhancement Proctoring Information webiste.
    8. If problems arise when taking exams outside of the 8am-5pm work period, ask the proctor to email the instructor and students should write a note on the exam about their difficulty.