To receive services from the Office for Disability Accommodations, students MUST be registered with our office.

Please click here to learn more about registering for accommodations.

You must be a current student at the University of Southern Mississippi to register with our office. ODA can assist students whose disability prevents them from registering. Students requiring this help must first seek advisement, then make an appointment with ODA during the student’s assigned registration period, which can be found on students’ SOAR accounts.


Accommodations for Specific Individuals/Situations

Physical Accessibility

REPORT A BARRIER to Physical Accessibility!

  • Campus Access and Safety: Learn what measures our University has in place for campus accessibility and safety

  •  Handicap Parking: Learn about the process for obtaining a handicap parking pass on campus for students, employees, and visitors
  • Accessible Facilities: Learn about how our University is committed to providing accessible facilities to all of our students
  • Accessible Housing: Learn about what accommodations and assistance is available for students choosing to live in campus housing

  • Accessible Class Furniture: Learn about what accommodations and assistance is available for students in the classroom in regards to classroom furniture
  • Campus Construction: Learn about what measures are in place to notify campus and ODA registered students of construction projects that affect physical accessibility on campus and who to contact in regards to Campus Construction issues. 

REPORT A BARRIER to Physical Accessibility!

Technology Accommodations

Testing Accommodations

  • Delaying Due Dates

  • Exam Accommodations - such as distraction-free testing, testing at ODA, extended test time, paper-based exams, exam scribe

  • GRE, PRAXIS, GMAT Accommodations

Other Accommodations

  • Interpreters

  • Note-Takers

  • Readers

Complaints, Grievances & Suggestions (for how to provide feedback or file a complaint)

For detailed information on ODA's services, procedures, accommodations, and campus resources, see the ODA Manual (PDF). Consult with ODA staff for clarification on ODA's policies and procedures listed in the manual.

Accommodations and Questions