Handicap Accommodations

A handicap sign. To apply for your Southern Miss handicapped parking permit, you must complete the online registration

University faculty, staff, and students who operate motor vehicles on University-controlled property with permanent or temporary disabilities are required to properly display a federal or state-sanctioned handicapped placard or license plate accompanied by a Southern Miss handicapped parking permit. To purchase a Southern Miss handicapped parking permit, each individual will be required to register and submit a copy of a state-issued handicapped placard or license plate registration to the following locations:

Hattiesburg Campus

The Department of Parking and Transit Services in McLemore Hall, first-floor lobby.

Gulf Park Campus

Business Services, Hardy Hall, second floor, room 231.

(See vehicle registration Section 2, subparagraph 2.3, 2.19, zone designations Section 3, subparagraph 3.9 and Section 7, subparagraph 7.10.)

Visitor Handicap Parking

Visitors are required to stop at the following locations for a handicapped visitor parking pass:

Hattiesburg Campus

Information Booth, located at the front entrance of campus on East Memorial Drive, or Parking and Transit Services, McLemore Hall, first-floor lobby

Gulf Park Campus

University Police Department, 730 East Beach Boulevard 

For further information regarding services for individuals with disabilities on our campuses, call the Office for Disability Accommodations, call 601.266.5024 or 228.214.3232; or visit the website. Individuals with hearing impairments can use Mississippi Relay Service at 1.800.582.2233 (TTY) to contact campus offices.