Lucy Bowens

Lucy Bowens, Director of Parking Management/OUT ON LEAVE



Lucy Bowens is responsible for the operation of the Department of Parking Management.

On this Web site, you will find information we hope will be beneficial in making your trip to Southern Miss as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. With Southern Miss as the second-largest university in Mississippi, I hope this information promotes understanding of the important role this office has in maintaining the safe and efficient control of vehicles on the Southern Miss campus.



Jennifer Hatten

Jennifer Hatten, Operations Coordinator



Jennifer Hatten is responsible for payroll, requisitions and purchase orders. She also serves as system administrator, system software support, and database administrator support of our operating system.





Belinda Patterson

Belinda Patterson, Event Management Coordinator



Belinda Patterson is responsible for coordinating all special event parking and passes for the university campuses. She assists with parking set up, staffing, training and financials for all events. She is also responsible for permit sales, fine payments, accounts receivable, faculty/staff payroll deduction and traffic appeals. 






Vacant, Administrative and Communication Specialist


 Is responsible for, receives, and provides information, and directs complaints and reports to the proper personnel while maintaining records on calls for service and radio transmissions. She responds to and records all incoming information from radio and telephone using discretion to prioritize all responses and serves as point of contact and receptionist.