Resources for Faculty/Staff

The Center for Pathway Experiences is here to help you as you work with students in academic credit internship/pathway programs or with current or prospective students as they pose questions about internships and other pathway experiences. 

Our Services to you include:

  • Faculty Access to Handshake, provided by Career Services to promote internship, part-time and full-time job opportunities for students.
  • Helping to develop internship opportunities for your students.
  • Consulting with faculty to develop academic initiatives for internship or pathway experiences for Southern Miss undergraduate students. Contact us at to schedule a consultation either in person or over the phone. For more information, click on the link for Best Practices for Internships, Fieldwork and Other Pathway Experiences.
  • Scholarships for Student Pathway Experiences.
  • Working with employers to create internship and pathway experiences that incorporate meaningful projects and learning opportunities for your students.
  • Offering pathway, internship and experiential learning class content and presentations. Request an in-class presentation.
  • Advise students on searching for internships/pathways. Encourage your students to contact us to request an appointment time.
  • Track internship/pathway hours & verification for graduation cords.
  • Record, assess and report data/trends on internships/pathways related to learning outcomes, clarification of post-graduation goals and development of career-readiness skills.
  • Supporting and promoting student involvement in career and job fair events coordinated by the Career Services office.
  • Other ideas or suggestions for supporting your Department, faculty or students?  Contact us at to discuss.