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School of Performing and Visual Arts


Service Awards

The dance program offers service awards to students who submit a successful application. Applications are accepted in the spring for the following academic year. Service awardees are assigned tasks within the dance program that include: collecting the mail, setting up the lobby display for concerts, cleaning out costume storage, coordinating the sale of USM dance t-shirts, assisting with duties for guest artist residencies, etc. These awards range from $100-$500.

Foundation Awards

Foundation Awards are our named scholarships chosen by the dance faculty. These awards range from $200-$1000. Faculty decides on these awards based on need and talent.

Jim Clinton Award

This award is for summer study at a festival, conference or workshop. Students apply for this award in the spring semester. This award ranges from $200-$800.

Department Special Scholarships

Department Special Scholarships are awarded by the dance faculty for talented and needy students. These awards range from $1500-$8000. These scholarships are exclusive and competitive.