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School of Performing and Visual Arts

Repertory Dance Company


Student Work: Casey Collier, Junior

Choreography for RDC I Spring 2019

What is the Repertory Dance Company?

The Southern Miss Repertory Dance Company (RDC) was established to provide performing opportunities for dance majors and to promote excellence in dance performance for our students. As company members, students gain insight into the protocol and standards of professional dance as they prepare for careers. 

Being part of the Repertory Dance Company

RDC provides an opportunity for dance majors to gain valuable performance experience and to become further prepared for professional careers in dance

  • RDC assessment standards are built on the rigorous expectations of the professional field in the areas of skills, knowledge and dispositions (professionalism) required. 
  • RDC performs in all major departmental concerts and works with faculty, student, and guest choreographers. 
  • All declared university dance majors and minors (except for first-semester students, and dance education majors who are student teaching) are required to audition for the company each semester. 
  • Performance/choreography majors are required to be accepted into company for a minimum of four semesters and dance education majors are required to be accepted into company for a minimum of two semesters. 
  • If a student is not chosen for the company by the fall of their junior year, he/she will be asked to meet with dance faculty for consultation and assessment. 

All dance majors are eligible to audition for RDC beginning in the second semester of study as a dance major. However, students must maintain an unweighted 2.5 GPA in dance courses in the previous semester.

Auditions for RDC are held on the second day of class each semester and are led by the RDC director for the semester.

  • All eligible dance majors are required to attend. We suggest arriving early to warm-up and sign-in, and to dress in proper dance attire with hair pulled out of face.
  • The auditions include five main sections: footwork/coordination combination, ballet technique combination, locomotor/weight/floor work combination, improv/collaboration combination, and professionalism.
  • The company list is posted on the same evening as auditions. Dance majors may be accepted as full company members or as apprentices. The same high expectations are maintained for both. All accepted company members must attend the casting audition on the following day.
  • First time company members are expected to meet with the RDC director to discuss the full expectations of company. This typically happens in a group meeting scheduled by the RDC director. Dancers who do not make company may sign up for a time to meet with the RDC director to discuss ways to improve in future auditions.