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The mission of the Department of Philosophy and Religion is to offer opportunities for engagement with historical and contemporary areas of philosophy and with the religious traditions of the world.

We seek to enrich the educational experience of students at the University of Southern Mississippi by helping them to understand ideas and practices that have shaped our world and involving them in critical thinking about their own fundamental beliefs and values.

For both students and the wider community we seek to create learning opportunities that illuminate the ethical dimensions of professional activity and encourage thoughtful and responsible citizenship.

Undergraduate programs in the Department of Philosophy and Religion:

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Pre-Law emphasis)

Bachelor of Arts in Religion

In addition to undergraduate degrees, the department also offers a minor in both of these fields that will complement any degree.

What can you do with a philosophy education?

What can you do with a religion education?


The study of philosophy "provided a basis for creating cohesive, persuasive and rational arguments, something that I use daily."
- Mark Lumpkin, B.A. 1980


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