Philosophy Course Rotation

 PHI 151: Introduction to Philosophy multiple sections every semester
 PHI 171: Ethics and Good Living multiple sections every semester
 PHI 253: Logic  spring, every year
 PHI 301: Philosophy and Film             fall, even years
 PHI 316: Philosophy of Science  fall, odd years
 PHI 317: Philosophy Through Science Fiction  spring, odd years
 PHI 320: Contemporary Moral Issues  fall, odd years
 PHI 333: Philosophy of Love and Sexuality    spring, even years
 PHI 351: Critical Thinking fall, every year
 PHI 356: Ethics fall, even years
 PHI 372: Philosophy of Religion fall, every year
 PHI 406/506: Philosophy of Human Nature  fall, even years
 PHI 407/507: Critique of Christendom spring, odd years
 PHI 410/510: Classical Philosophy     spring, odd years
 PHI 412/512: Modern Philosophy spring, even years
 PHI 450/550: Existentialism   fall, odd years
 PHI 451/551: Political Philosophy spring, even years
 PHI 452/552: Health Care Ethics spring, odd years
 PHI 453/553: Philosophy of Law spring, odd years
 PHI 457/557: Environmental Ethics   fall, even years
 PHI 460/560: Contemporary Philosophical Issues fall, odd years
 PHI 462/562: Evil       spring, even years
 PHI 480: Philosophical Discourse (Capstone) fall, every year
 PHI 735: Research Ethics fall, every year