Recent Faculty Achievements

Dr. Bruton

Dr. Sam Bruton:


“Misconduct Framing and Questionable Research Practices,” with Donald F. Sacco, OASH ORI Funding Opportunity: 93.085 (National Institutes of Health), Research on Research Integrity, $88,937.


 “Financial Conflicts of Interest, Disclosure, and Academic Discipline,” with Donald F. Sacco and Ralph Didlake, Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 2016: 1–5.

“The Ethics and Politics of Policing Plagiarism: A Qualitative Study of Faculty Views on Students, Plagiarism, and Turnitin®,” Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, with Dan Childers.

“’Should It Be Considered Plagiarism?’ Student Perceptions of Complex Citation Issues,” (second author) with Dan Childers, Journal of Academic Ethics Vol. 14 (1)(2016): 1–17.


Six entries in the Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society, 2nd edition,: “Science Funding, Ethical Issues in,” “Deceptive Advertising,” “Deontological Ethical Systems,” “Methodological Individualism,” “Plagiarism,” “Psychological Hedonism”), Sage.



Dr. Holley

Dr. David Holley:

Dr. Holley currently is the Vice President of the Society for Philosophy of Religion.

“Humble Confessionalism,” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, forthcoming 2017.
“Confident Religious Faith and Intellectual Virtue,” International Philosophical Quarterly, Vol.
57, No. 2, Is. 226 (June, 2017), 211-226.



Dr. Capper

 Dr. Daniel Capper:

Learning Love from a Tiger: Religious Experiences with Nature.  Oakland: University of California Press, 2016.

“Groundhog Oracles and Their Forebears,” in Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 51:2 (2016): 1-20.

“Animism among Western Buddhists,” in Contemporary Buddhism 17:1 (2016): 30-48.

“The Maternal Personhood of Cattle and Plants at a Hindu Center in the United States,” in Pastoral Psychology 65:4 (2016): 427-441.