Religion Course Rotation

in class


 REL 131 Comparative Religionmultiple sections every semester 
 REL 303 Intro to Islam fall, even years
 REL 320 Tibetan Religions fall, odd years
 REL 322 Native American Religions spring, odd years
 REL 324 Religion and Animals spring, even years
 REL 326 Religions of India fall, odd years
 REL 335 The Life of Jesus     fall, odd years
 REL 336 The Christian Tradition spring, even years
 REL 337 Eastern Orthodoxy  spring, odd years
 REL 338 The American Religious Experience fall, even years
 REL 340 Beyond the Grave fall, even years
 REL 350 Religion and Violence fall, odd years
 REL 351 Theories of Religious Experience    spring, odd years
 REL 353  Religion and the Literary Imagination       spring, even years
 REL 403 Intro to Qur’anic Studies spring, odd years
 REL 424 Religion and Healing fall, even years
 REL 430 Buddhism    fall, even years
 REL 445 Modern Islamic Thought fall, even years
 REL 460 Global Religious Ethics spring, even years
 REL 480 Senior Capstone in Religion every year