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The Department of Philosophy and Religion augments on-campus learning with the experiential learning opportunity of study abroad. 





Every year in May a group of undergraduate and graduate students journeys to India to explore the religious, philosophical, and cultural richness of the land of Gandhi.  The three week course visits local, national, and World Heritage sacred sites both on the Indian northern plains and in the Himalayas.  Our goals are to experience the diverse religiosity of the subcontinent, meet some of the people of India, and feast on some of the world's most delicious foods.  In a single day we might visit a Hindu temple, a Muslim mosque, a Christian church, and a Buddhist meditation center.  Everything is in English and no language skills are required. 

Our sites in India include:
Agra, home of the Taj Mahal and former Muslim rulers of India
Haridwar, a sacred and pretty Hindu city on the banks of the Ganges River
Leh, high in the Himalayas and imbued with Tibetan culture

The India program qualifies for full financial aid.





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