How do I request work or repairs from the Physical Plant?
For non-emergency requests or repairs, please submit a Work Order through our online system. For emergency repairs, please call the Physical Plant Work Control center at (601) 266-4414, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  After hours please report emergencies to University Police Department at (601) 266-4986. Typical issues that fit the emergency category include power or water outage, flooding or leaking water, smelling smoke or gas, etc.
Why do I have to submit a Work Order?
A work order is a formal request for services and the heart of all work completed by any Physical Plant trade area. All work performed by the Physical Plant, be it labor, material, invoices, or utilities, is associated to a Work Order. Therefore, your submission of a Work Order is a necessary part of the function of the Physical Plant.
Who can submit a Work Order?
Any University student, faculty or staff member may submit a Work Order through the online request system from any computer on the Hattiesburg campus.
Who do I call when the Physical Plant is closed?
The Physical Plant Work Control Center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, however you may submit at Work Order online at any time. After hours, on weekends or holidays, emergencies or other problems may be reported to the University Police Department at (601) 266-4986.
How do I follow-up on a Work Order that has been submitted?
Once submitted and then accepted, a Work Order number will be assigned and emailed to you. The Work Order number may be used through the query link in the Work Order system to search for the project status or review the costs associated with that particular request.
How do I report a burned out light bulb?
Please submit a Work Order online indicating the location of the bulb that is not working. Replacing lights are a Physical Plant Service, which are rendered free of charge.
How do I get a key?
Keys may be checked out Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 4 pm, at the Work Control Center in the Physical Plant building, located on 4th street behind the Pat Ferlise Ticket Center. The Physical Plant will not open locked doors for University personnel. If locked out contact the University Police Department at (601) 266-4986.
How do I transfer items to Surplus?
The following steps must be taken to transfer equipment, furniture, supplies or files to Surplus: 1.Create an in-circuit report and fax it to the Physical Plant at 266-4444. Please include a contact name and phone number. 2. Submit a work order via the Physical Plant website requesting pick up of the item and transport to Surplus. Include the in-circuit number on the work order request.  3. An in-circuit report and a work order are required. The transfer will not take place unless both have been submitted. If you have any questions regarding pick up and delivery contact the Work Control Center at (601) 266-4414. All other questions may be directed to Donnie Robbins, manager of receiving & property control, (601) 266-4302.
What do I do if I see pests (mice, ants, etc.) in my building?
Please submit a Word Order online reporting what you saw and the location that you saw it. A pest control contractor, overseen by the Physical Plant, will be contacted to address the issue.
Can I hire a contractor to perform work in my office or department?
No, all work to the physical environment of any university building or property must be submitted to the Physical Plant for completion or coordination of contractor services.
I’m having a special event, what do I need to do?
A Work Order must be submitted for all items needed for the event, (i.e. tables and chairs). In addition, a Work Order must be submitted indicating electricity needs, as well as custodial support. If the event will take place after 5pm or on a weekend, a Work Order must also be submitted requesting air conditioning or heat during the event.
How do I have documents shredded?
The Physical Plant DOES NOT offer shredding services. Shredding of documents is the responsibility of each department. Departments that have their own shredders may place the shredded materials into any blue recycle can, which will be retrieved by the Office of Sustainability. If necessary, departments may hire outside companies, such as Shred-It, to destroy documents on a periodic basis.
Can I report a grounds or landscape issue that I saw around campus?
Yes, your support in keeping the campus beautiful is appreciated. Please submit a Work Order indicating the area of University grounds that needs attention. If you have a question regarding a specific project contact Loren Erickson at (601) 266-4414.
Is the campus on an irrigation system?
Though many areas are irrigated, there are many that are not. We are currently upgrading the system and expanding the irrigation system for future turf, trees and flowerbeds.
Will I really get fined for picking a rose from the Rose Garden?
Yes. Due to the large number of rare roses in the Rose Garden, removal of roses from the garden is against University policy. Fines range from $50 to $500 per rose.