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Physical Plant

Introduction to Fire Safety


The university conducts two fire drills per semester: one scheduled fire drill in every residence hall and one randomly scheduled fire drill. The local fire department is involved.

The university conducts a room inspection in each residence hall each fall semester.

All fire/safety policies and rules are listed in detail in the resident handbook. Checklists and dorm safety guidelines are also posted on the Safety Web site at

The university conducts mandatory training for all hall directors and RAs. They are trained in all aspects of fire safety. Fire safety classes, fire extinguisher classes and general safety classes are available upon request.


In addition to monthly inspections, the fire/safety department conducts classes upon request for university departments and organizations.

Most requested classes:

  • Proper use of fire extinguishers
  • What to do if fire alarm sounds
  • What to do if you discover a fire
  • Lab safety
  • Dorm safety
  • Fraternity/sorority safety

The fire/safety departments also conduct fire drills throughout the year in dorms and fraternity/sorority houses. Twice a year we meet with all hall directors, their staff and fraternity/sorority officers. During this time we fill a residence with theatrical smoke and let them see what it would be like to be in a smoke-filled building.

Fire drills are also a part of the alarm systems test.


  • Academic and administration buildings: once a year
  • Science buildings: twice a year in common areas, twice a year in all rooms
  • Dorms and fraternities/sororities, common areas: once a month
  • Dorms and fraternities/sororities, each room: twice a year
  • Pine Haven Apartments: once a year


University Police Department: Bob Hopkins, chief
University Fire/Safety: Rodger Jackson, director
University Fire/Safety: Clint Atkins, fire/safety officer
Physical Plant: Chris Crenshaw, director
Fraternity Housing: Gary Kimble, director
Residence Life: Sid Gonsoulin
Vice President for Finance and Administration: Douglas Vinzant
Dean of Students: Eddie Holloway
Student Affairs: Joe Paul, vice president
University Communications: Jim Coll, Chief Communication Officer