Mission & Core Values


To construct, enhance and maintain the physical environment of The University of Southern Mississippi in a manner that is conducive to the education, research, service and safety of our community.


Core Values

Service -- We are dedicated to satisfying our customers by providing quality service. We believe in selfless giving, putting the greater good ahead of personal needs.  Motivated by the desire to deliver excellence, we will continue to meet the needs of faculty, staff and students, while maintaining and improving university facilities.

Responsibility -- We are accountable for our actions.  We recognize the immense responsibility we have as individual employees and as a department to be consistent and exemplary in our performance, and to hold each other accountable when expectations are not met.  

Respect -- We listen carefully and act with courtesy and kindness. We respect ourselves and show respect to others, regardless of background, status or walk of life. 

Integrity -- We act with honesty and integrity, not compromising the truth.  We believe in earning the respect and trust of others by providing professional and reliable service.

Teamwork -- We believe that teamwork provides greater results.  We believe in working together, with our campus customers and with fellow employees to support the mission of The University of Southern Mississippi and goals of the Physical Plant.

Stewardship -- We are caretakers of the physical environment of the university. The duties we perform and service we provide will reflect our acceptance of the trust bestowed upon us as stewards of the physical environment of the university.