Projects & Construction

The Physical Plant strives to construct an environment conducive to the education, research and service goals of The University of Southern Mississippi.  All projects initiated and managed by the Physical Plant are intended to address the tenets established by the University Master Plan.  Last approved by the IHL board in 2008, the plan addresses the following:

  • Ensuring the physical campus setting continues to strengthen the quality of the collegiate experience
  • Reforming and reshaping residential life through creation of vibrant living/learning districts
  • Regenerating the historic core as the heart of campus
  • Promoting a strategy for growth that organizes development in accordance with existing campus districts
  • Maintaining a respectful, engaged relationship with the city of Hattiesburg


Major Projects, Renovations and Upgrades In Progress

Asbury Hall
College of Nursing - Asbury Hall

To be located on the western edge of campus on the corner of Montague and Ross Boulevard, this state-of-the-art facility will increase the square footage dedicated to the College of Nursing by 135 percent. The building will feature student interactive areas, an enlarged & enhanced clinical simulation lab, as well as computer labs and classrooms. Construction began in June of 2014, with an estimated completion in the Fall of 2017.

Impact: The spaces in the Theatre & Dance parking lot, from Ross Boulevard to the Wesley Foundation building have been permanently consumed by the project.  Additional outages or interruptions will me announced as the project progresses. 


Other Projects in Progress 

  • 3-D Art Ventilation Hoods Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • 34th Avenue Parking Lot Renovations Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • 35th Avenue Parking Lot Renovations Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • Bennett Auditorium Fan Coil Replacement Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • Bolton Hall Renovations Completion Date: January 2018
  • Building ID Signage Installation Completion Date: Ongoing 
  • Campus Lighting Upgrade Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Cochran Center Theatre Project Completion Date: Fall 2017
  • Demolition of Houses & Trailers Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Eagle walk to Hillcrest Pathway Completion Date: Summer 2017
  • Energy Reduction Retrofit Completion Date: Ongoing
  • George Hurst Foundation Repairs Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • GIS Mapping and Infrastructure Surve, Phase III Completion Date: Ongoing
  • Joseph Greene Hall Renovations Completion Date: TBD
  • Kinesiology Cadaver Lab Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • Lake Byron/Hwy 49 Pedestrian Pathway Completion Date: TBD
  • Lucas Administration Terracotta & Foundation Repairs Completion Date: 2017
  • Pride Field Band Director's Tower, Turf and Fence Project Completion Date: Spring 2017 
  • Rec Sports fence Repairs & Vinyl installation Completion Date: Spring 2017
  • Walker Science Cooling Tower Upgrade Completion Date: Feb 2017 

Projects on the Horizon

  • 4th Street Parking Lot 
  • Fritzsche-Gibbs Hall Renovations
  • George Hurst Roof Repairs
  • Harkins Hall Renovations
  • Southern Hall Renovations