Chris Winstead

Professor and Interim Dean


Ph.D., Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995

Research Interests

Application of pulsed and continuous-wave cavity ring-down spectroscopy, advanced optical detection and signal processing, and plasma diagnostics

Recent Publications

A.E. Leybourne, S. Creasey, J. Dixon, J. Lee, G. Messer, S. Neal, G. H. Rayborn, D. Speaks, J. Stephens, T. Strange, C. D. Walker, W.C. West, H. F. Woodruff, and C. B. Winstead, “Long Range Detection of Radiation Induced Air Fluorescence,” Proceedings of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Annual Meeting, 2010, 1-9.

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C. Wang, F. J. Mazzotti, S. P. Koirala, C. B. Winstead, and G. P. Miller, “Measurements of OH Radicals in a Low-Power Atmospheric Inductively Coupled Plasma by Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy,” Applied Spectroscopy, 58(6), 734-740, (2004). 

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