News and Events

Petal High School Visit:

Department chair Dr. Khin Maung Maung, faculty member Dr. Michael Vera, and Society of Physics Students President Kinsey Zarske recently visited two of Mr. Jeffrey Tinnon's physics classes at Petal High School.  In coordination with recent lessons on thermodynamics, the effects of cooling by liquid nitrogen on balloons, marshmallows and eggs were demonstrated.























Physics for High-School Teachers:

In response to numerous requests, our department has decided to offer a "Physics for High-School Teachers" course (PHY 604) during the summer semester. Interested persons should contact Dr. Christopher Sirola.

Other News:

  • Dr. Jacob Blickenstaff and Dr. Christopher Sirola have been awarded a research grant of the amount $145,000 by the National Science Foundation. The grant will be used to promote physical science to the elementary school teachers.
  • Dr. Christopher Winstead, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, leads the approximately $2 million Eagle Eyes project. The focus is developing optical methods incorporating novel signal processing techniques for the detection of nuclear materials. The project results have application in Homeland Defense.
  • Kyle Fortenberry, a senior physics major won the best undergraduate presentation award in the 2009 annual Mississippi Academy of Science meeting.
  • Dr. Khin Maung Maung, Professor and Chair of Physics and Astronomy has been awarded a $308,000 research grant for 2009-2012 by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This project focuses on the calculation of nuclear cross sections in various nuclear reactions. These cross sections will be used in other calculations which determine the shielding for astronauts from space radiation.