Physics and Astronomy Lab Policy


  • Lecture and laboratory for all physics labs must be taken during the same semester (example; Physics 111 with Physics 111L).
  • If enrollment is not concurrent in the lecture and laboratory, the student will be dropped from lab.

Drop Date

  • The last date to drop lab will be in strict adherence to the present Class Schedule Guide.
  • *NOTE: If you drop the lecture you must drop the lab.


  • All labs must be completed in the assigned lab section.
  • Only under extenuating circumstances (requiring written medical excuses or valid documentation) will one lab be excused without grade penalty. (This exception can only be granted by the instructor of record , not the TA)
  • A lab in which a student arrives late or leaves before completion will be considered as a missed lab.
  • A quiz will be given during laboratory and no extension of time will be allowed.

Laboratory Procedures:

  • In labs, students must work in groups of two to three per station.
  • The final laboratory exam will be done on an individual basis.
  • Lab reports will also be done on an individual basis and should be typed and organized as indicated
  • Duplicates or reports compiled from old data will no be accepted.


  • The final grade in lab will be determined from lab reports, quizzes, and a lab final.
  • Failure to follow experimental procedures, ignoring safety regulations, or the abuse of equipment can be a factor in grading.
  • Behavior the disrupts or interferes with laboratory operation can result in expulsion and/or loss of credit for the course.

Students with Physical Handicaps:

Students that might qualify under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) should contact the campus Office for Disability Accommodations (ODA) for information on appropriate policies and procedures. ADA may cover disabilities such as learning, psychiatric, physical impairments, or chronoic health disorders. Students may contact ODA at:

The University of Southern Mississippi
Office for Disability Accommodations
118 College Drive #8586
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001

Voice telephone: (601) 266-5024 or (228) 214-3232 Fax: (601) 266-6035
Individuals with hearing impairments can contact ODA using the Mississippi Relay service at 1-800-582-2233 (TTY) or email Suzy Hebert at