Physics Undergraduate Course Descriptions


103. Introductory Physics. A survey of physics principles for non-science majors. Credit for this course may not be applied toward degrees in the College of Science and Technology. 3hrs. Prerequisite: MAT 101.

103l. Introductory Physics Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: PHY 103.

111. General Physics. An algebra and trigonometry-based introductory physics course. (CC 2414) 3 hrs. Prerequisites: MAT 103,  MAT 114, or MAT 167.   Corequisite: PHY111L

111L. General Physics Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite. PHY 111.

112. General Physics. A continuation of PHY 111. (CC 2424) 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY111. Corequisite: PHY 111L.

112L. General Physics Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: PHY 112.

190. Foundations and Frontiers in Physics. The first course for a physics major that surveys the scope and breadth of the discipline of physics, to include an historical perspective and good practices for a physicist. 2hrs.

201. General Physics with Calculus. A rigorous course in physics recommended for physics majors. Required for pre-engineering students. (CC2514) 4hrs. Corequisite: MAT178 and PHY 201L.

201L. General Physics with Calculus Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite. PHY 201.

202. General Physics with Calculus. A continuation of PHY 201. (CC2524) 4hrs. Prerequisite.

202L. General Physics with Calculus Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: PHY 202

327. Electronics I. Fundamentals of vacuum and semiconductor devices with applications to scientific instrumentation. 3hrs. Prerequisite. PHY327. Corequisite: PHY 327L.

327L. Electronics I Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: PHY 327.

328. Electronics II. A continuation of PHY 327. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 327. Corequisite: PHY 328L.

328L. Electronics II Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: PHY 328.

332. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Temperature, thermodynamic principles, and the application of statistics to classical and quantum systems. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 202 and 361.

341. Optics. Rays, refractive and reflective surfaces, lens design, and the electromagnetic theory of light. 3 hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 112 or 202. Corequisite. PHY 341L.

341L. Optics Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite. PHY 341

350. Mechanics. Mathematical treatment of the dynamics of particles and rigid bodies. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 202, MAT 179. Corequisite: MAT 280.

361. Elementary Modern Physics I. Survey of atomic particles, radiation, and x-rays. Optical Spectra. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 112 or 202.

361L. Elementary Modern Physics I Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite. PHY 361

362. Elementary Modern Physics II. A study of atomic and molecular physics, properties of solids, and other applications of quantum mechanics. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 361.

392. Physics Special Problems. Theoretical and experimental problems limited to junior and senior students. 1-3hrs. Prerequisite: Permission.

421. Electricity and Magnetism. Vector analysis, elecrostatics, magnetostatics, and electromagnetic fields. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 351, MAT 385.

422. Electricity and Magnetism. A continuation of PHY 421. 3hrs. Prerequisite.

423. Science and Society: from Copernicus to the Bomb. An interdisciplinary course designed for both science and liberal arts students. Traces the development of science and technology and the role in society from the Renaissance to the present. (Cross-listed as HIS 423, HUM 423 and BSC 423.) 3 hrs.

435. Principles of Microwave Systems. Introduction to microwave theory, basic design of microwave systems. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 327.

451. Physical Applications of the Fourier Transform. Convolution, deconvolution of physical signals and introduction to sampling. 3hrs. Prerequisite: MAT 280 and PHY 202.

455. Fluid Dynamics. A mathematical development of the physical principles governing physics. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 350 and MAT 385.

460. Advanced Physics Laboratory. Advanced experiments in modern physics. 2hrs. Prerequisite: Permission and Senior Standing.

461. Quantum Mechanics. Quantum theory, spectroscopy, and atomic and nuclear structure. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 351 and 361.

464. Fundamentals of Solid State Physics. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 351 and 361.

465. Nuclear Physics. Nuclear binding forces, chain reactions, and nuclear reactors. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 350 and 361.

485. History and Literature of Physics. A survey of physics from the ancients to the present. 3hrs. Prerequisite: PHY 112 or 202.

499. Undergraduate Research. An introduction to the methods of physics research. (Students undertaking a Senior Honors Project will enroll in PHY H499.) 1-6hrs. Prerequisite: Permission.


111. General Astronomy. Introduction to early astronomy, tools of astronomers, and the solar system. 3hrs.

111L. General Astronomy Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: AST 111.

112. General Astronomy. Stellar structure, evolution of the Galaxy, extragalactic astronomy, and cosmology. 3hrs.

112L. General Astronomy Laboratory. 1hr. Corequisite: AST 112.