Bike and Motor Patrol


Stan Kittrell

Lieutenant - Bikes/Motorcycles
Phone: 266-3634

The UPD implemented this unit because the department was beginning to change its philosophy of law enforcement from a reactive form of policing to a more proactive form. Community-oriented policing, the model for proactive policing, was on the rise and had proven to be very effective in communities throughout the country.

The mountain bike and motorcycle patrol unit has become a great public relations tool. This unit is used to enhance the vehicle patrol and is also used to interact with the university public. The addition of three police motorcycles to the unit in 2003 has enabled the police department to better address issues of traffic law enforcement and vehicle accidents. 

The mountain bike officers have been an effective tool in the reduction of crime. Because of the maneuverability and stealth-like features of the mountain bikes the bicycle unit is able to detect and deter crimes in areas inaccessible to patrol cars. Since its inception, auto burglaries and thefts have decreased considerably.

A certified instructor of the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) and the institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) trains each officer. This course consists of  40 hours of class room and field training.

For more information about the UPD Mountain Bike and Motorcycle Patrol contact Lieutenant Stan Kittrell at 601.266.3634 or email him at 






Stan Kittrell
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Gloria Davison (HBG)
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