Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Southern Mississippi Police Department is to enhance the quality of life on campus by working cooperatively within the framework of the constitution to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment.

We, The University of Southern Mississippi Police Department, exist to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion. We are committed to the prevention of crime and the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order and safety; the enforcement of laws, and university rules; and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.

With community service as our foundation, we are driven by goals to enhance the quality of life, investigating problems as well as incidents, seeking solutions, and fostering a sense of security in communities and individuals. We nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards.

For more information about the UPD, contact

Bob Hopkins, Chief of Operations
118 College Drive # 5061, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001