Police Officers


UPD Patrol
Captain Lisa Carter
Patrol Commander
The University Police Department is staffed primarily by certified, sworn police officers. Each officer undergoes training at a MS Certified Law Enforcement Training Academy. Once that is completed, each officer goes through advanced training to meet the standards of CALEA. This includes advanced weapon training, report writing, investigative techniques, etc.
In order to be employed as a police officer one must be able to pass a background check and an oral interview.
In a addition, one of the following is required:
  • A current Mississippi law enforcement officers professional certificate
  • Prior law enforcement certification, with the ability to complete refresher training
  • Ability to complete requirements to enter and complete a basic law enforcement academy
The University Police Department hires persons with and without law enforcement experience as police officers. Those hired without law enforcement experience will be sent to a police academy at Camp Shelby or Pearl, Mississippi.

Picture of Lt. DeJeremy Thomas
Lt. DeJeremy Thomas
Picture of Off. Marlon Brewer
Off. Marlon Brewer
Officer WIllie McDay
Picture of Lt. Jared Pierce
Lt. Jared Pierce
Picture of Off. Adam Kelly
Off. Adam Kelly
Picture Of Off. Brandon Murray
Off. Brandon Murray
Picture of Lt. Richard Smith
Lt. Richard Smith
Picture of Off. Annie Bourgoyne
Off. Annie Bourgoyne
Off. Ed John Burt
Picture of Lt. Shannon Yates
 Lt. Shannon Yates
Off. Alex Smith
Picturer of Off. Marlen Vasquez-Silva 
Off. Marlen Vasquez-Silva
Gulf Coast
Picture of Off. Corey Havelin
Off. Corey Havelin
Picture of Off. Shawn Rogers
Off. Shawn Rogers 
Picture of Off. Destin Guillot
Off. Destin Guillot
Picture of Off. Jeremy Morgan
Off. Jeremy Morgan
 Picture of Off. Archie Wallace
Off. Archie Wallace