Behavioral Research Lab

About the Lab:

Welcome to the Behavioral Research Laboratory (BRL) at the University of Southern Mississippi.  The objective of the lab is to provide a collaborative and shared university facility in order to conduct experimental research on human decision-making.  Experiments range across and within disciplines in the social sciences, these include political science, economics, political psychology, communications, and many others.  The lab is sponsored by the College of Arts and Letter and the Department of Political Science and International Development and Policy. 


Study Participants:

Most experiments will last about an hour to complete and subjects are paid to show up on time and complete different tasks. 

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to participate in the experiments, you must be an undergraduate student at the University of Southern Mississippi with a valid student id number and identification card.

Sign Up to Participate:

If you are interested in participating, please sign up to be in the subject pool.  Each semester there may be a range of experiments to participate in. 

Sign up for one of our on-going experiments! 


Researchers Interested in using Lab:

The lab is open to proposals from graduate students and faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi and other universities.  If you are interested in conducting experiments in the BRL, please contact Professor Ngoc T. Phan (  Please submit a 2 page proposal of the experiment(s), proposals must include the objectives, research questions, experimental protocol, plan for the data, and timeline.


Interested in becoming a Research Assistant:

Undergraduates and graduate students can apply to work as research assistants.  This provides students with an excellent opportunity to engage in social science research.  They will learn how to run, recruit, and test experiments.  If interested, please contact the director of the lab. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but strongly encouraged at the end or start of semester.  Students must submit a curriculum vitae and 1 page statement on why they want to become a research assistant and what they will be able to contribute to the lab. 



The lab is located on the first floor (Room ###) of the Cook library on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.

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